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When you think of swimwear modeling, what comes to mind?  A bunch of models hanging out at the beach?  Hot guys in swim trunks?    A deeper look will reveal that there is so much more to swimwear modeling than this.  There is an art and a science to it, and any model should be aware of the fundamentals of swimwear modeling.

For one thing, swimsuit modeling is not for everyone.  It might even be too much for some experienced models.  The reality is that you have to be extremely comfortable wearing small, revealing swimsuits in front of the camera.  Hiding behind layers of clothing is simply not an option for swimsuit models.  Unlike with some other types of male modeling, swimsuit models have to put it all out there, so to speak.

All of this means that male models must have extremely fit, nearly perfect bodies if they choose to pursue swimwear modeling as a career.  The look and build of a swimwear model is not the same as that of other fashion models, as the demands are greater and the standards higher.  With swimwear modeling, it’s all about the body.  Muscular body tone is a must—scrawny guys need not apply.  Plus, your skin tone must be flawless.  Being tall is not as important as having a toned, well-proportioned body.  Equally important is using eye contact and facial expressions that connect with the camera.  The idea is to keep it fun, yet focused.

One must also consider the physical demands involved in swimwear modeling.  Running and climbing are de rigueur activities for swimwear models.  You might be asked to do some actual swimming, as well.  Long work days are not unusual; a day at work might feel like a triathlon sometimes.

Becoming a male swimwear model involves hard work and dedication, like any other type of modeling.  Hit the gym and get a good workout every day for at least a few months.  Send high-quality photos of yourself in swimwear to agencies that feature swimwear models, and be on the lookout for open calls.  And of course, bringing swim trunks to those open calls is a good idea!

Aspiring swimwear models should consider joining a male modeling agency in New York City or other big cities.  Many metropolitan areas have increased opportunities for male modeling, including swimwear modeling.  Check out Bleep Models at for the latest information on male modeling opportunities in your area.


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